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Consultations are always Complimentary

Call to schedule a complimentary consultation, it's the best way to see what posibilities are available and to get aquainted with our salon.

We look forward to meeting with you and exploring all of your options.

Thanks for visiting our site. Here you can get a glimpse into what services we offer and explore the possibility of considering joining us on your quest for the perfect image. As hair color artists, we are egar to explore the perfect color and cut you have been looking for.
We can assure you a detailed consultation, where your thoughts and ideas are the main focus. Give us a call to set up a complimentary consultation.

Hair is the bow on your present, You!!!!

Our Guests

Our guests are just that, guests and are treated as such. We feel that it is a privledge to be chosen by you and treat our guests  properly. We thrive on quality customer service. Our guests are treated to a rewarding, relaxing stress free environment in the salon. Our unique atmosphere and attention to detail create the perfect fit for your image services.

Stella has expericeced the industry in New York and now in Arizona. As a former platform artist with Sebastian International, Stella has cutting edge (pun intended) experience on advanced, artistic techniques in hair design and color application. Stella's experience and technical training are the the determining factors of what products are offerd in the salon.  Ask for a product consultation on your next visit.

Our Designs

Altered Images Salon in Peoria, AZ